Quince Floral Vase

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Quince Floral Vase is a striking beauty. The simple vase with the flower ornaments makes every table look great. Especially the vibrant and strong yellow color gives this piece a special look and makes a great gift idea as well. The Quince Floral Vase is hand made and hand painted. It is suitable for flowers and smaller arrangements. 

When you buy this White Bone China Quince Floral Vase from interior360, it comes with our promise of delivering truly one-of-a-kind designer pieces that makes your home a true reflection of style, design and finesse.

Blurb- At interior360, our range of white bone china products showcases the fine delicateness that white bone china is most renowned for. Celebrated for its pure white hue and translucent appearance, white bone china has been used to create the best tableware in England since the eighteenth century. The presence of calcium carbonate in the mix gives white bone china its strength and unique pure white color. It differs from porcelain that has an off-white grey hue and American china which is ivory in color. The test to determine the quality of white bone china is to hold it up to the light; and you should be able to see the shadow of your hand.

Quince Floral Vase 1
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Quince Floral Vase
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Dimensions (H x L x W in CM) 12 x 12 x 9
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